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I Read Your Poem

Oil on Canvas 2022

by Ellen Vieth


Roses Then And Now

Oil on Canvas 2023

by Ellen Vieth



My last post was about observation and intuition which combined lead to the new purpose and focus of the fall show- Imagination. 

Artists are no strangers to those ideas, and I am fortunate to represent and show so many talented folks that use those tenants everyday. 


Imagination brings us into another world, to share in the vision of others as well as the dreams of our own. As the fall begins to lay its cloak over us, I’m enjoying the rain and the cooler temperatures, and at the same time all that green on the landscape I will miss. Dreaming and imagining has been my forte all my life. As a young girl hiding out in the forest with nothing more than that- I conjured up a whole world of possibilities, grass houses, mud baking, woven chains of flowers and necklaces of corn.. My best days. I’m still working on getting those feeling of joy and discovery in my work. 


I hope you will join us at the LPHG this October 21 and 22  for all the good minds working in ways so unexpected and beautiful. 


Oil on canvas 23

by Ellen Vieth


Observation and Intuition


For more years than I can count I have been a collector, in that quirky things interest me, old things have a soul, and as an artist the value of intuition and observation, at times have played a part in discovery of all those things. I am sure I am not the only one that will have a moment when it seems necessary to check out something, as if you know there is something to be found. The powers of observation in a similar way - if you look deeply things can profoundly change.  Upon closer examination in nature it becomes a meditation.  - This show is dedicated to those tenants which I find important in my work as well as in my life.


As someone who has been looking  and curating spaces - the fall show will not disappoint. I’ve always loved the marriage of fine and earthy and primitive. Pink House makes a point of having visually fun surprises- as well as a curated show of wonderful contemporary pieces. Of course flowers, of course forms, and color- of course keen observation and hopefully always of course intuition. Today I found a little wooden boat. I have always been drawn to handmade toys, often crude, often well loved, also a beautiful set of antique boule french balls similar to bocce- they look like a sculpture… anyway I’m on the lookout and how they pair with artists work, storytelling always.


Thank you for checking in on the FB page, my apologies that the webpage has not yet been updated but it will be before fall. The dates for the next show will be in October, just now starting to compile a list and a plan. I appreciate all the support. Spring was busy and I am now settling into summer… It was such a perfect Idaho summer day today, a long drive, my sweet girl, a cup of coffee, and a camera. All good. 


For those of you that have checked in about Sweetpea, after hurting her back while playing catch, her progress is slow and steady and I am so grateful that she is still with me. For those of you with older dogs that love to play chuckit or frisbee- who knew the risk for back injury, (???) but according to my vet it is not that unusual. 

Take care, get outside- enjoy every little thing about this season. <3



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