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Oil on Board 2024

by Ellen Vieth


Cow Creek Spring

Oil on Canvas 2024

by Ellen Vieth


Porch Coffee

It’s finally warm enough to sit outside in the morning with a cup of coffee, most of the month of June it was not. I was getting a little annoyed that the down jacket I have worn since November was still required and the calendar said we were close to summer….

The good news, warmer temps have finally arrived, the lupines and the wild daisies in the field are blooming, the dogs love their walk first thing in the day as do I. Canola fields are in full glory all over Genesee this year. The color is so bright I have a hard time painting it- the thin yellow lines in the distance seem the most natural. 


The studio is once again comfortable and affordable without having to heat it- the expenses all add up. The paints are even warmer, like buttah. 


Gardening in the mornings seems like the best thing to do, despite the hard frosts many plants are trying to rebound from the ground up. A good incentive for everyone I suppose- 

Buddy and Pea have a new safe enclosure thanks to another artist friend, a game changer for me to have a break and not have to worry all the time about their safety. Living next to the school, even in the summer, stays busy with cars and lots of activity. I take my sketchbook out with me notating the changes in the shape of the flowers, and enjoying the day to day changes. Yes to summer… enjoy. 




Standing in My Field

Most days actually someone else's field, but I call them mine for the familiarity of walking them. Looking forward to more sun daily and the inspiration it provides. Walking into this tenth year, and my seventh decade with a new pal- a  buddy - Literally a pup named Buddy. I have worried about Peas aging and slowing down, he harrasses her some but we are both getting way more steps in because of Buddy. 


He has allowed me to assess things quickly because his energy requires me to pay attention. At first I was frustrated by it, but now I embrace it for the instant spontaneity- those principles fuel the new paintings for spring. Smaller works, close to home hikes- many hiked also for decades-  an interesting change of attitude. Mostly he is a goofball, a loving and challenging one.. Pea is doing well with the changes too. 


After last nights storm, a late February raining sideways blowing reminder of  winter still hanging on, todays walk was like a new path - The wetlands that were designed and installed after a sewer project and bridge project from my recollection, have matured and serve as a great reminder that wetland conservation is a key to many things. The birds for one, small game, and naturalizing of the fauna. The fields were soft and not muddy, a nice break from the ankle rolling trudge through some of the big clods from last fall. Vast puddles and smaller isolated water holes revealed their entrance into the landscape after last night. Lovely- really and possibly some new inspiration for the next painting. 


Thank you all for the opportunity to continue with this small gallery. I’ll be posting the spring date soon on both facebook and Instagram.

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