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Chief Tim

Oil on Canvas 2024

by Ellen Vieth


Snake River Hike

Oil on Canvas 2024

by Ellen Vieth



April 20-21
Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm


My goodness, a birthday party for LPHG- Both shows this year feel celebratory, old and new friends, wonderful work that transpired through the decade, and hope for the future.


What began as a humble attempt to showcase contemporary work, and also to find a way to keep my home here in Genesee, has made it to its tenth season. I am grateful for all the support and the help from everyone.


LPHG still is adamant in showcasing local and regional artists, with low commissions it also serves as an opportunity for buyers to own original work at a great price.  I have also proudly supported emerging and young artists, as well as having been graced by world class ceramicists, woodworkers, and painters. Ten years, it’s been a wonderful experience. This spring join me at Little Pink for new work, a few pieces from the vault, as well as a few surprises and enduring pieces from some of the original  participants that were in involved in the beginning of this endeavor. There will be cake, and peanut  butter cookies. Sweetpea will still be hosting- she’s now ten too and Buddy may make an appearance ( new pup) depending on his manners… 

All in all, life is good- everyday is a new opportunity for creativity and celebrating beauty- even in your own backyard. Watch for the dates for the Spring show on facebook and Instagram under Little Pink House Gallery, (FB) and ellenvieth Instagram.. I hope you can follow along. Thank you everyone. 




Standing in My Field

Most days actually someone else's field, but I call them mine for the familiarity of walking them. Looking forward to more sun daily and the inspiration it provides. Walking into this tenth year, and my seventh decade with a new pal- a  buddy - Literally a pup named Buddy. I have worried about Peas aging and slowing down, he harrasses her some but we are both getting way more steps in because of Buddy. 


He has allowed me to assess things quickly because his energy requires me to pay attention. At first I was frustrated by it, but now I embrace it for the instant spontaneity- those principles fuel the new paintings for spring. Smaller works, close to home hikes- many hiked also for decades-  an interesting change of attitude. Mostly he is a goofball, a loving and challenging one.. Pea is doing well with the changes too. 


After last nights storm, a late February raining sideways blowing reminder of  winter still hanging on, todays walk was like a new path - The wetlands that were designed and installed after a sewer project and bridge project from my recollection, have matured and serve as a great reminder that wetland conservation is a key to many things. The birds for one, small game, and naturalizing of the fauna. The fields were soft and not muddy, a nice break from the ankle rolling trudge through some of the big clods from last fall. Vast puddles and smaller isolated water holes revealed their entrance into the landscape after last night. Lovely- really and possibly some new inspiration for the next painting. 


Thank you all for the opportunity to continue with this small gallery. I’ll be posting the spring date soon on both facebook and Instagram.

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