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Artist's spotlight

The work you see here is a small selection of the pieces from my studio, 2019 to current 2023. I am inspired by nature, and particularly a closer examination of both my gardens and the Palouse, a wonderful place in northern Idaho and Eastern Washington, that continues to wow me with every season. LPHG also represents well over 100 individual artists throughout its history. Contemporary work, in ceramics, painting, sculpture, woodworking, jewelry textiles mixed mediums and photography. The gallery is supported by both local, national and international artists that find representation in the contemporary art market. Surrounded by both agricultural economies as well as institutions of higher learning, WSU, UI and LCSC, drawing from both has worked to strengthen the art communities while inviting patrons and lovers of the arts to explore the ideas of contemporary art in a beautiful garden surrounding. I am very proud of the work at LPHG, and feel strongly that it could compete on any level in any city. 

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